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Changing campus safety with AI-driven video analytics

Roughly 19 million students in the United States are enrolled in university undergraduate or graduate studies, and most of them attend classes onsite and keep college campuses across the country bustling with activity. As in any area where large groups of people gather, safety is a primary public concern in college and university settings.

Equitable access can improve course completion and student success

Course completion and student success percentages are significantly increased at higher education institutions that have introduced Equitable Access (EA) programs, especially two-year institutions. The establishment of an EA program means every student will have the same opportunity and tools needed for success. The unique financial challenges faced by every student act as barriers to student success and retention.

4 ways to optimize accessibility in higher ed

The completion of the academic year offers educators a unique opportunity for introspection, evaluation, and strategizing. Equipped with the insights from recent student feedback, instructors are well positioned to reflect on the successes of the term, as well as identify areas where more could be done to elevate the students’ learning experience. One such area for assessment is often the accessibility aspects of their course content.

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